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Happy Birthday, Miku! (Hatsune Miku, Anyone?) by lackingabettername Happy Birthday, Miku! (Hatsune Miku, Anyone?) by lackingabettername
Hello, loyal watchers and people-who-just-saw-this-picture! 'Tis I, lackingabettername, and I have been absent from this website for quite sometime. Mostly because photo-editing for me has gotten a little more frustrating/tedious/ugh, and because I am very very LAZY. I might rant about things later in a journal post.

But enough about me!

This is a school-drawing of mine that I submitted a while ago titled "Hatsune Miku, Anyone?". And yes, it was originally drawn on notebook paper.

Over the summer, I decided there was something I wanted to try. I wanted to try going over the original Miku drawing with Paint! Not like paint, but Paint as in the computer program. I did this because I wanted the drawing to look a bit more clear/vibrant/defined on the computer. My old scanner didn't really do pencil-drawings justice. My drawings look better in real life... :/
So what I did was use curved lines and basically go over the drawing. Now it looks inked. Easier to see.
I may or may not submit a colored version of this, depends on how that goes... I know it looks yucky right now, this was my first time trying to do computer art.

Anyways, I did a thing. Using Paint. And Photobucket for the text and watermark. (I'm taking a Digital Design class this year, so hopefully I'll get better at using programs like Photoshop so that my stuff can look LEGIT! :D )

Let me know what you think of my "thing". Just try not be mean.

(By the way, Happy Birthday Hatsune Miku!!!)

I don't own Hatsune Miku.
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August 31, 2013
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